Established in 2008

About Us

In 2023, CMTL logistics celebrates its 15th anniversary, marking a significant milestone for a company that initially emerged with the aspiration to promote growth in Africa.

A Leading Logistics Force in Tanzania

CMTL Logistics is a privately owned logistics company established in Tanzania in 2008.

The company’s primary goal is to provide end-to-end logistics solutions. Over the years, CMTL Logistics has achieved growth through both organic expansion and strategic acquisitions. Today, it stands as a prominent player in the field of logistics services in Tanzania, offering a competitive edge through innovative technology, industry expertise, and a contemporary approach to global freight logistics.

CMTL Logistics Milestones

C&F and Distribution
New fleet for Transit goods
ISO certification
10yrs anniversary
Chemical transport certification
Rebranding to CMTL Logistics
15yr anniversary

Message from the CEO

“We show up to work every day with a singular purpose: to make things work for you. And we don’t stop at theory or concepts; we make it happen on the ground. This is our pledge to you, and it’s a significant undertaking, particularly in an ever-changing world. Our promise is backed by the dedication of our team and the robustness of our global service network which spans 55 countries.”


Elijoni Dube

Chief Executive Officer


2023 Marks 15 Years of CMTL Logistics

CMTL Logistics proudly celebrates its 15th-year anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its journey. The company remains one of the fastest-growing logistics firms in the region, and it continues to forge enduring partnerships based on personalized service, professionalism, extensive experience, and dependable performance.

Eljon Dube is the new CEO of CMTL Logistics

Eljon Dube has been appointed as the new CEO of CMTL Logistics, starting 1st of June 2023. He will take over from Fredrick Swai, who has greatly contributed to positioning CMTL Logistics as a leading logistics player in the region for 15years. This transition marks an exciting new chapter for CMTL Logistics under Mr. Dube’s leadership, and we look forward to continued growth and success.

CMTL Logistics is opening a state-of-the-art Vehicle Bonded Warehouse Complex

The official inauguration ceremony for this remarkable project will be conducted with and for our valued clients. This event marks the grand opening of the CMTL site located in the Mbezi area, featuring a complex with a total surface area of 8,000 square meters. Our decision to celebrate this momentous occasion in the presence of our clients underscores our commitment to sharing this milestone with those who have contributed to our success. We look forward to commemorating this achievement together.

CMTL's Code Of Conduct

We believe that our company can only remain successful if we all conduct our business in line with our company principles: integrity and loyalty.

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