CHINA to ZAMBIA - CMTL Logistics
Case Studies


Client: Dangote Zambia
Cargo: Cement Factory Equipment
Service: Collect from manufacturer, arrange shipping, customs clearance in Tanzania and transportation to Zambia
Route: China to Zambia
Vehicles Required: One truck and 2 escorts

The Story

Dangote Zambia contracted CMTL Logistics to transport over-size cargo from Shanghai China to Ndola Zambia. Our Import team contacted our partner UBI Logistics (China) Limited to arrange collection, customs Export clearance and booking sea freight from china to Dar port.

The consignment arrived in Dar es Salaam port and the clearing process was completed in under 3 days before consignment was offloaded from the vessel. The challenge was to ensure that all necessary permits including arranging abnormal transit procedures, route survey, advertising in the newspaper as well as provide an escort from Dar es Salaam to Ndola Zambia with a TANROAD officer and Police force.

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