Case Studies


Client: Cure Chem Tanzania
Cargo: Container containing Hydrochloric and Chyluria Acid  
Service: Customs clearance and Transport
Route: Dar es Salaam to Geita, Musoma, Kahama and chunya area
Vehicles Required: Convoys of 10 Trucks and one escort with safety equipment, especially trained drivers

The Story

CMTL Logistics has been contracted to transport the hazardous chemical from Dar es Salaam port to the Lake zone. In order to do this transport, CMTL Logistics has a special license from the Chemist’s department GCLA, making it one of the few transporters in Tanzania to be licensed to carry hazardous material.

To ensure that all convoys travel as safely as possible, CMTL Logistics and Cure Chem team do regular training to familiarize drivers with the properties of sodium cyanide, the hazards involved in transportation, and protocol should an incident happen. All drivers are issued with specialist safety gear and the escort driver carries 1,000 liters of water to use in case of an accident.

CMTL Logistics prides itself on its ability to cater to the requirements of clients such as Cure chem Tanzania. The Company is happy to train its drivers and go the extra mile to ensure that hazardous substances are transported as safely as possible throughout the region.

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