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Client: M/S V. Alexander Transport Systems GmbH (Germany)
Cargo: 2 x New LIEBHERR Mobile Cranes (EACH 1190 x 255 x 385 cm / 38 Tons, 4 axles)
Service: Customs clearance and Transportation
Route: Dar es Salaam port to Tanga Port via Sea
Vehicles Required: Marine Vessel and Overland Truck

The Story

Alexander Transport Systems GmbH (from Germany) contracted CMTL Logistics to provide customs clearance and transportation of 2 x New LIEBHERR Mobile Cranes from the Dar es Salam Port to the Tanga Port.

CMTL Logistics’ solution was to arrange for the consignment to be transported to Tanga by a marine vessel from the port of entry in Dar es Salam and delivered to the Tanga Port via sea.  Therefore, CMTL had to work with TANROADS representatives to secure the required specialist permits to transport this large and heavy cargo from the receiving port all the way to the loading port in Dar es Salaam. as well as liaise with the police to close the oncoming traffic lanes to ensure that that the wide load was able to pass safely on the roads.  Additional to the marine transport, CMTL Logistics had to transport additional parts via the road all the way to Tanga.

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