DAR to UGANDA - CMTL Logistics
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Client: M/S V. Alexander Transport Systems GmbH, (Germany)
Cargo: 5 IVECO Garbage Trucks (920 x 250 x 360 cm, 15 Tons) for the Uganda Municipal
Service: Customs and transit clearance & Transportation to Kampala, Uganda
Route: Dar es Salaam port to Kampala, Uganda
Vehicles Required: 5 x Flatbed Trucks

The Story

M/S V. Alexander Transport Systems GmbH (of Germany) contracted CMTL Logistics to provide customs clearance as well as transportation of 5 IVECO Garbage Trucks to the Uganda Municipal from the Dar es salaam port to Kampala, Uganda.

15 days after the receipt of the consignment at the Dar es Salaam Port, CMTL Logistics successfully delivered all 5 trucks safely in Uganda. The seamless and efficient service was due to CMTL Logistics’ solid established track record and experience in safely and effectively transporting over-size cargoes throughout East Africa making CMTL Logistics is the transporter of choice for any company looking to move heavy cargo.

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